Private lessons:
For foreign car licence holders to help with driving in İstanbul:
For foreigners private driving course … hours practical … TL. An English speaking instructor
is available.

Advanced Driving Course for Licence Holders:
This course is designed to make you an all round safer and more competent motorist. It will also make you much more aware of what is going on around you. It will also help you to be much more skillful behind the wheel and much more observant. … hours … TL. (… hours theory and … hours practical)

The Theory will cover:

Traffic regulations and signs/lines
Fuel economy and smoother driving
Engine knowledge
Dealing with various weather conditions.

The practical course will cover:

Advanced and safe overtaking
Assessing corners and bends for the correct speeds to taken them
Braking distances
Correct and efficient use of mirrors
Correct use of lights
Correct and efficient parking
Correct use of gears.

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